Hub Itinerary around Addis Ababa in 1 day tour
Hub Itinerary around Addis Ababa in 1 day tour
01 February 17 - 03 February 17
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Hub Itinerary around Addis Ababa in 1 day tour

  • Debrelibanos Monastery and the Portuguese Bridge, which was the first bridge in Ethiopia.
  • Debrezeit to visit the Crater lakes and Hora
  • Zuquwala Monasteries, main attraction of Zuquwala is the church and monastery of Zuquwal Maryam, which according to one legend were founded in the 4th century by a pair of Egyptian monks.
  • Lake Zeway to visit the bountiful birdlife on its shores
  • Awash National Park
  • Melka Konture (archaeological site) pre-historic archaeological site
  • Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church found on the south west of Ethiopia
  • Tiya Stale (archaeological site) is a world Heritage Site
  • Wonchi Crater lake
  • Menagsha forest
  • Ankober the former capital of Ethiopia (Menilke II) before Addis Ababa became the capital of Ethiopia.

  1. 2 Lunch will be served.

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