Bird tour
Bird tour
01 January 17 - 12 January 17

Ethiopia is a safe place to see many birds’ species that are hard to see anywhere else owing to the difficulty of access to neighboring countries. A fascinating endemic flora and fauna, besides birds, is found throughout the country: birding trips will be enhanced by Gelada baboons, Ethiopian Wolves and Giant Lobelias.  Birders on a two –to three week visit can confidently expect to see 300-500 bird species including up to 37 endemics and near-endemics.

Suggested itinerary

The following suggested birding itinerary  intended to provide a starting point around which to plan a trip, and focus on the horn of African endemics.

Day 1: Addis Ababa to Ankober via Deber Libanos

Day 2: Deber Libanos to Ankober

Day 3: Ankober to Awash National park

Day 4: Awash National park

Day 5: Awash National park to Wond Genet via Great Rift Valley lakes

Day 6: Wond Genet to Dinsho (Bale Mountains)

Day 7: Dinsho to Goba ( Bale Mountains)

Day 8: Goba to Negele via the Sanetti plateau

Day 9: Negele to Yabello

Day 10: Yabello –Mega region

Day 11: Yabello to Lake Langano

Day 12: Lake Langano to Addis Ababa via Deber Zeit lakes

The birding tour is usually 12 to 21 days. It can be combined with other tour routes

Possible Day trips out of Addis Ababa: Deber Libanos , Menagesha forest, Gefersa reservoir, and  Deber Zeit Lakes and Lake Wenchi

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