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Africa Jerusalem - Ethiopia

Ethiopia, the former Abyssinia is one of the oldest nations in the world. Ethiopia, which is situated in East Africa, is 6000 years old. The country has a unique heritage and diversity mixture of ethnicities. It is also the cradle of mankind, the place where Lucy, the 3.2 million years old skeleton was discovered in 1974 in the Hadar-Afar region. Ethiopia is also the land of the Queen of Sheba who visited the biblical king Solomon of Israel to test his wisdom. Sheba lived in what is now called Axum, the birthplace of Ethiopian civilization, and where the heads of royalty were minted upon coins to enable trade with other kingdoms. The oldest cave sculpture and manuscripts, which are still used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church registered by UNESCO are also from there

  • I am very happy to give you some info on Sisay. He was one of the best guides we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – and we have traveled very extensively throughout Africa and Asia. Sisay worked with us in Addis Ababa precisely because he’s the best guide available.

    Sisay met us at Addis airport and flew with us to Arba Minch to visit the Omo Valley area for 6 days. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him as he is extremely knowledgeable about all the local people and sites. He  speaks several tribal dialects and is well known and liked by all of them. He made us feel like family and did a fantastic job of sharing his beautiful country with us. It’s really important to travel with the right guide when visiting the truly primitive tribes like Dassanech and Mursi as the experience will be quite different without the local connections. I’m not sure what parts of the country you will be visiting, but I know your experience will be similar.

    I would recommend Sisay without hesitation. We are actually hoping to return to Ethiopia some day to visit Lalibela and Axum and we will be sure to request Sisay.

    Good luck and have a great time! Ethiopia is quite a beautiful country with friendly people and amazing history.

    p.s. if you are traveling to Danail and Erta Ale be ready for a wild experience! I am 62 and my wife is 59 and even though we are both in excellent shape, climbing a volcano at night in 115 degree heat was quite the challenge… Of course if you are going before summer, it won’t be so hot.

    -- Andy Leskowitz United States
  • I met Sisay 2 years ago while he was working as a guide in Addis Ababa and was immediately struck by his people-friendly personality and his tremendous knowledge and history about Ethiopia and East Africa. I also saw that Sisay gave visitors on his tours deep insight and experience into the subjects visited. He takes his visitors into the heart of the subjects, so that they understand the customs, traditions and culture. You don’t just visit look and leave; you visit, engage, participate and share so you really understand the essence of the reality. I was so impressed with Sisay I am recommending everybody I know at my company who want to visit Ethiopia to his company in Addis Ababa.

    -- James Norris. London, England
  • I just got home from a trip to Africa that included a fantastic day tour of Addis Ababa with Sisay the Escape into Ethiopia Guide. Originally I had arranged a tour with Adisu (through tripadvisor.ca), but Adisu had something else to do and they transferred me to Sisay for the day instead. I can say that you are in good hands dealing with Sisa. He took me to some of the lesser explored parts of the city (the recycling area of the Mercato is unreal), as well as accommodating some special requests for things I needed. Where we would pass tour groups just generally looking at some areas, Sisay would take me deep into the spots to see how Addis Ababa truly is. It is a cool city to explore and I met new people. I would definitely recommend Sisay to anyone visiting Addis and wanting to experience true day to day life. His phone number is +251 91 064 2230

    -- Bryce Deathe, Canada
  • I’m here to recommend Sisay the Senior Guide at Escape into Africa for tours in Addis Ababa. He is very knowledgeable about the city and its history and traditions and has excellent command of English. He helped me arrange a few daytrips to nearby locations and has helped me out often times by buying a bus ticket for me at the offices in Addis when I was in a different city. He also knows about the right places to go for food and drinks. His phone number is 0910642230.

    -- Twan from Holland
  • Sisay is one of the greatest persons I have ever met in my life. I felt like being with a brother and a friend without complications. We laughed and had the best time ever. The best of the best Sisay, you make this land proud!

    -- MounirZouita France (Paris)
  • Sisay the Chief Officer and Guide at Escape into Africa is wonderful and trustworthy. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Also a very nice and friendly man and has become a good friend. He did everything he could to make our stay in Ethiopia as fun and interesting and safe as possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    -- Alice Rodwell, Sheffield, England

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